Once your payment has cleared, you will receive an M3U link which includes all the channels.

You will also get directions as to how to make it work on your TV.  

It works everywhere, from your smart TV, to your phone, tablet, Amazon fire TV stick, Apple TV, Roku and on your Windows PC.

You will only get a link and directions so you have to use your own TV box or player such as Amazon, Apple, Roku, Smart TV, PC etc.  We will provide you with directions as to how to do that.

You can purchase the box from us here. It will be shipped within a week. Once it arrives, it will be ready to just plug it into your TV and watch.

What Is IPTV? Internet Protocol Television

You’ve probably experienced a derivative of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) but may not have realized it. If you streamed a TV show or movie online, from Amazon, Hulu or a TV network website, you used a similar technology.
Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) delivers television content via Internet Protocol (IP) networks. A central provider offers the service which bears similarity to the delivery method of cable and satellite technologies. The difference is that IPTV doesn’t always obtain proper rights for distribution of the programming for which it provides feeds.

Immediacy denotes another difference between cable, satellite and terrestrial television. With IPTV, the viewer choose what to watch when they want to watch it. It doesn’t require setting a DVR. To view an episode of your favorite crime drama, you simply click on the show to start streaming it. So long as that episode aired already, it streams. It requires a subscription and a client media player.
IPTV services provide three main types of content:
  1. live media or television with or without interactivity,
  2. time-shifted programming,
  3. video on demand (VOD), similar to that offered by Amazon or Netflix.

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